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Sexy smiles

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Sexy Smiles

Proud of your smile?

Post it here.

  • try to keep the promotion of any other communities to a bare minimum. this isnt community promo. thats a whole nother community. any post submitting ONLY a community promo risks being deleted. try to atleast post a picture with it if you think it NEEDS to be promoted.
  • When posting more than one picture, use lj-cut: <lj-cut text="blah">
  • Post only your own pictures or pictures you have permission to use. If an individual reports that you have used their picture as your own or without their permission, the post will be deleted, and the posting user will be delt with accordingly
  • Have fun - you don't have to like everyone's smiles, but try not to start an all-out war, and try not to stress out over this community for any reason.
  • Rules are subject to change.

Thank you, and have a great time.

complaints, suggestions, compliments can go to robinbird at robinbird@fotki.com